Update! My new Gillio’s; Medium Amicas

Update! My new Gillio’s; Medium Amicas


new arrival amica medium gillio in red and gold

Arrival of the Medium Gillio Amica in dark navy and red&gold




Hi there!

Yes! It’s been such a long while, since my previous post… :(

I’ve been extremely busy with kids, social life and work. Also been spending a lot of my time on the Facebook Gillio Group Page…

I figured, I should really update the Blog, or leave it be or even quit. Thought of that a lot, as it’s very time consuming to keep this Blog up and running…

Well, there’s been a lot of changes lately. Last time I told you about the Filofax Buttercup? Can’t even remember.. I’ve been also selling a lot of my Filofaxes!!! Even almost all of my Maldens! How crazy is that! Hope I won’t get sellers remorse, as there won’t be any second chances on the Maldens…

I sold;

- Grey A5 Malden (again to Crystal. She also purchased it in personal size… congrats Crystal!)
- and a lot others!

I will be also selling:

- (this is kinda hard on me) My Personal sized Malden in Ochre! (I just need the funds for  my Gillios…)
- Finsbury large wallet in black (did I even tell you about that one?)
- Pocket Malden in Ochre; up for grabs too
- Maybe…. my Grey Osterley.

I’ve gotten rid of all of my A5′s. The only one I still own is the A5 Regency. This is the ‘compact’ one as the rings are smaller and it doesn’t have a clasp. I don’t mind that at all! I was looking for a thinner A5 and I just love the Regency! It’s one of my all time favorites!

So onto the newbies :P

Gillio Amica Medium Size in Red and Gold

front of the medium gillio amica in red and gold


The red looks more pinkish here, but it’s really lovely, lipstick red. Love it! :)


inside of the gillio amica red and gold


The gold looks a bit darker on the pic, however it’s a lovely shade of gold! Love the bi color on this Amica! It’s my favorite and probably best organizer ever.

There’s a stiffener present, but it doesn’t bother me. I like my binders with a bit more structure. The Compagna (except for the croco ones), is a bit too floppy for my liking.

Yet, it’s still flexible, has a lot of give and it’s actually a little wider than the compagna’s and most personal size Filofaxes. Really, really like that! Feels like a whole lot of leather!

amica gillio opened up


Filled up!

Love using this! A real workhorse such as the Maldens. The rings are a tat wider and the binder itself (width) too.

medium amica dark navy gold rings and popper


And the dark navy Amica with gold rings and popper :)

I’m in the red/gold one for weeks now and still love it. Can’t seem to move out of that one! Not even for the Buttercup…

Also looking for the next Amica in medium. Perhaps the one in Ostrich, as I just love Ostrich, but I’m really fond of this lay out and such.. The Buttercup is just different, although it’s real Ostrich and lovely… Hmmm what to do?

I’ve recently purchased a Pocket Amica in the lovely Burgundy color with gold rings and popper.I found this beauty on the Buy as is section by Gillio. That’s an old showroom model and may have some discolorations and such. It’s reduced in price and mostly the final one they have in stock. I was already considering a pocket in burgundy (new) when this popped up on Facebook. I just couldn’t help myself. I’ll use this as my satellite planner. Just to keep my appoitments with me (using week on 2 pages Gillio inserts), some notepaper, some information.

Can’t wait! This baby will be in tomorrow!!!

Hope you enjoyed and see you next time!


Keep calm and plan on; Filofax Update!

Keep calm and plan on; Filofax Update!



keep calm




Hi there!

Well, this picture really applies to me!

This is in my Personal Buttercup. Love it! I’ve ordered the ruler on Etsy and ended up ordering another two. I’ll show you in the next post that’s all about the inside of the Personal Buttercup so hang on!  :)

This is basically an update. An update of it all.

I wanted to thank you guys for commenting on the previous post. It was really heart warming and I felt so understood!!! Very helpful!

This also gave me strength to hold on to this Blog. At least for now. I’ve decided to stop selling out of my current collection. I’ll only sell the ones that are marked red on the For Sale Overview. Other than those, I’ll keep my collection as it is today.

Mainly the process of selling and sending out all the sold Filo’s gave me tons of stress. Altogether with the job and the family life. A bit to much for me to also keep on blogging. I expect to have more time on my hands once I’m done selling my Filofaxes in bulk, that is.

I always liked to wrap the parcels nicely and put in there tons of extras to provide the new owner of the Filofax to start up fresh. Some cute things to decorate your Filofax always helps to get you started! At least to me!

So, with that mostly being over, I do think I”ll hang on there! :) Due to your support I must add! Especially Bonnie.. I made her a special offer… Hope she replies! :)

Here’s an update:

Sold Filofaxes:

Malden in Grey (personal size)
Regency in Black (personal size) & Domino in Electric Blue (personal size)

So bye bye to those! I’m sure they’ve found a good new home! :)

I’ve already taken pictures to give you a peek in my Buttercup.

See you next time!

Arrival of the Filofax Personal Ostrich in Buttercup!

Arrival of the Filofax Personal Ostrich in Buttercup!

The filofax ostrich in buttercup


The lovely Filofax Personal Ostrich in Buttercup




Hi there!

It’s been ages since I’ve done a proper arrival post! so here we go again :)

Just to inform you; I’m thinking of quitting the Blog. At least for a while. It’s all been fun purchasing and selling Filofaxes, enjoying them and eventually re homing most of them. However, I’m kinda done with all of this. Due to my full time job, family life and so on, I’m not able to keep track of the Blog as much as I’d like.

I might also quit being a member on the Facebook pages. As well for the Gillio page as the Filofax ones (several pages that is). As it’s just too tempting to keep on buying and buying and buying. And it’s just crazy spending all that kind of money on planners! There’s just more to life I guess…

I’ve decided to keep just a few Filofaxes that I love. The Buttercup is among these Filofaxes as well as the Personal and Compact Regency but I’m open to offers for any other Filofax I currently have in my collection. You can read the full overview here in case you’re interested :)

Recently I’ve just found myself not being as dedicated to the Blog as much as I was before and as much as I’d like. Keeping the domain running will cost some money too, so I MIGHT quit the whole thing. Still making up my mind about that.

Just to give you some insight; my work life is just hectic. Being in IT Sales (acquiring new business) full time and being a wife and mother of two small children is just too heavy. I hope you all can relate! There’s currently a lot of pressure at work and I just can’t seem to manage everything in my life right now, except for my Filofax!!! How odd!

That being sad; onto the Buttercup. I did find Filofax love in this one! It’s the most (expensive one) perfect Filofax in my collection.

So here we go!!! I’ve been using it for quite a while now, as this came in just after Christmas last year. I’m still in the Buttercup and it fits my needs perfectly!

Onto the pictures!

Enjoy and let me know what you think of her!


Arrival of the Buttercup!

box of the buttercup

Don’t know exactly when, but it came in around New Year. I’ve been waiting eagerly for this one to arrive, as I ordered it from P&L as my Christmas gift. It didn’t arrive before Christmas thought, due to customs, but that was fine. After all, I did found Filofax love in the Buttercup again, I thought was lost, long time ago. On the contrary!

the arrival of the personal buttercup

The box! Just came in a regular box. No dust bag like the Personal Sienna, but there was some extra fabric wrapping included. I’d expected a little more from such an expensive binder!!!

here we go the personal filofax ostrich

The box! As you can see, it’s wrapped in some peace of fabric instead of tissue paper. Nice!

The filofax ostrich in buttercup

And here it is!!! Doesn’t it just look perfect! The leather is absolutely gorgeous! I’m not at all freaked out by the bumps ;)

It’s soft to the touch. First impression; the leather is sturdy, yet has enough give. It’s flexible, yet structured. To me, the perfect match in a planner.

opened up the filofax buttercup in personal size

The pictures were taken in the evening, so they’re not the best quality, but you get the idea :)

It came with 2013 and 2014 diary, week on two pages, cotton cream. Silver rings, but those can be replaced :)
I won’t be using this as a planner/wallet combo, so I’m okay with the somewhat snug card slots.

On the left you can see the several slots and the hidden pocket/ring protector.

On the right you can see a glimpse of the zipped compartment and also the ‘hidden’ pocket.

The only very very true downside to this planner is the PEN LOOP! It’s way to snug! I can only fit in there a super tiny pen which is also a stylus…  It doesn’t even fit the Filofax pens. Very disappointing… It looks like the pen loop is faulty, as it doesn’t take any slim pen.

Other than that; the perfect Filofax in my opinion!

embossing on the filofax ostrich buttercup

Close up of the embossing and the horizontal card slots.

rings on the filofax buttercup

Sorry for the blur! Close up o the rings.

pockets and lay out on the filofax personal buttercup

Good view on the zipped compartment. Ideal if you’d also like to use this planner as a wallet/planner combo.

pockets on the filofax personal ostrich in buttercup

Same pockets as the Regency. Easy access for receipts and such.

opened up the filofax personal ostrich in buttercup

In all its glory! (click to enlarge :)

Overall this is the best Filofax I’ve come across. I’m so glad I finally bit the bullet and ordered this baby! No regrets, whatsoever.

As I already said, only the narrow pen loop is a bit of a disappointment. Currently I keep a sticky note card holder in one of the side pockets with a Leuchtturm adhesive pen loop on it. This way I can carry two pens in here. My Hi tec C Coleto 5 barreled one and in the pen loop the styles pen as I like to use this on my tablet.

With the pen loop closed, there’s still enough room to fit another pen or even a Hi Tec C Coleto in there, so I’m good.

Let’s say I’ve learned to live with with it, however I dare say that for this amount, I’d expected at least to fit in there just a regular pen or have an elasticated pen loop…

But hey, can’t have everything right?

For now, there’s no Filofax restlessness is over. I’ve found THE Filofax for me and the Filofax search has ended. I’ve owned every Filofax, I’ve lusted after so I’m done.

Gillio on the other hand, is different. I’ve for once, never owned a Medium size Epoca leather.  So this is on my list, but not in the near future. I just have to stop spending all that money on planners, while I have this one Buttercup that could grow old with me if I let it do so.

Hope you enjoyed the arrival of the Buttercup!

There’s another Arrival post next up, the A5 Regency I purchased (same period as the Buttercup) for work as I sold my A5 Gold Mia Cara with gold everything and needed another A5. The A5 Regency was reduced in price and what appealed to me about it, was the non existing clasp on this one! I’ll show you, next up. So, stay tuned!

See you next time!

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