Auction has ended! And final results

Auction has ended! And final results

My Filo World Auction no 3



Hi there!

Well, the auction has ended…

Unfortunately I was hoping for a bit more response on this auction, but I guess that’s just how it is.

I’ve updated on the previous post. There hasn’t been any changes since. There were a few emails/comments on the bidding but I haven’t received a bit.

I’ll put in a counter offer on the grey personal Malden, as there was at least one serious buyer. I’m willing to let the Malden go around 80 euro’s ex p&p. (or highest offer).

So, for now, the Personal Regency in black remains onsold as well as the A5 Succes Firenze. Sad, but true. I’ll keep looking for a new for these lovely ones.

In case you’re interested; just let me know.

I also want to add that it’s been very hectic around here. I haven’t had time to send any parcels out due to personal circumstances. So, there has been a delay. Sorry about that! :( Thanks for your patience in advance.

Onto the next post;

I haven’t updated on the arrival of the Personal Buttercup. I’ve already made some pictures on its arrival date, so I’ll update on this asap!!!

Stay tuned!

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