Filofax Arrival; New Pocket Baroque in Teal!

Filofax Arrival; New Pocket Baroque in Teal!

Front of the Filofax Baroque in TealNew arrival to the Filofax Pocket Collection; The lovely Baroque in Teal

Hi there!

I did it again.. Another year, another new Filofax. :) Or actually; Filofaxes. As in plural..

For those who also follow my on Twitter, I also twittered I recently ordered two new Pockets! The Baroque arrived first. I was so curious of the Baroque after reading about it on several blogs. O, how they’ve enabled me in getting one myself!!! I’m sure you’ll know what I mean. :)

I took the Pocket plunge a few days ago and moved into one of my Pockets; Malden in Vintage Pink. Love this Pocket though! It’s the ‘heaviest’ Pocket, but also the roomiest one…

Now, over to the arrival of the Baroque. Here we go! :D

new filofax arrival

Yes. This is a new Filofax box.. I purchased Miss Teal of of Filofax NL/Belgium. I was very surprised to see it pop up online, although they do have some ‘old stock’.. I was glad I was home alone when this package was delivered. LOL.

Here it is Filofax Pocket Baroque in Teal

Da box. The pink one was also available, but I read so much about the Teal one and its prettiness, so I went for that one. Unfortunately the black one wasn’t available, otherwise…

The back cover of the filofax pocket baroque in teal

Still in the box! Had to take the picture first… but I was so eager to take it out!

Front of the Filofax Baroque in Teal

There she is finally! The leather does smell a little different than other new Filofaxes. Almost as if it’s not leather. But I don’t mind. She’s really lovely and all that I could wish for!

Opened up the filofax pocket baroque in teal

Opened up. Love the inside of the Baroque. It’s just so special and so very different! You Baroque lovers must know what I’m talking about! ;)
It came with the cotton cream WO2P. This diary I’ll be using for 2013. Along with the Month on 2 pages tabbed and non tabbed and a year overview/planner.  I like to use my planners for different purposes.

Inserts in the filofax baroque pocket in teal

The A to Z index tabs I’ll be taking out since I’ve already put the cotton cream ones in my Pocket Malden. I’ll just swap everything from the Malden into the Baroque. They both have a lot give, but in real life the Malden seems slightly bigger and roomier than Miss Teal. It feels as though you can put more stuff into the Malden even though they have the same 19 mm ring size. I guess it must be the binder itself.  Also Miss Teal doesn’t have the full length back pocket mostly used for banknotes. You could miss that one, when using her as a wallet, but I won’t , so I don’t mind it at al. This however, make the Malden Pocket a little more functional, although maybe not as pretty as Miss Teal.
Of course, that’s just taste.

Clasp on the filofax baroque pocket in teal

The clasp on Miss Teal is just lovely! Really like it! Also in the back the note book slot, same as Miss Malden. I won’t be using it for a note book though, but just to keep extra notepaper and stickers and what not.

Back cover of the filofax baroque in teal

Closed her up again! As you can see there’s a little kind of bump in the leather on the back cover. I don’t mind. It suits the leather. I reckon there’ll be a lot more bumps to come in the future!

Ok, that’s it for now, folks! I’m very pleased to add Miss Teal to my Pocket Collection. Within the next few days pocket no.2 will arrive. How bad is that?!  It’s nothing like Miss Teal, but I’m still looking forward to its arrival!
Miss Teal will surely have a spot in my  Filofax Rotation System. O, how I just wished I could really stick to one (1!) particular Filofaxes. Guess I just love ‘m all! :D

See you next time!

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  1. Oh, this is lovely! I went immediately to Filofax Belgium when I read this and saw they only had the pink one left. I would love this teal in the personal size. It is on my Filofax wish list but it is so hard to find!

    • I know!!! I think I purchased the latest Teal in Pocket size.. hehe. It’s very hard to find!Even on eBay etc. I’m also looking for the Baroque in Black..Would even exchange my Teal one for the black one. Had it on my wish list on personal size too, however recently downsized to Pocket size and I remembered I’d seen it on one of the FF websites..

  2. I have the same Pockets — Teal Baroque and Pink Malden — and love them both. You’re right about the Malden seeming to be able to accommodate more pages. It’s also slightly wider. There’s something special about the Baroque though!

    • BTW, I haven’t fallen in love with the Pocket Amazona. I have it in Brown and have never (yes, never!) used it. I hate having an un-used Filo! ):

      • I received my black Amazona yesterday. I didn’t like it in Personal size, but I do like it in Pocket. It’s a little stiff..maybe eventually too stiff, but I quite like it now, actually :) Perhaps Malden is the best and most usable Pocket around! Looking for the Ochre one..

    • Hi! I know! Is it still the crimson one? It’s really lovely!
      I must say the pocket size Malden is so great, I’m really impressed by it!! Baroque is just very special! don’t think I’ll give that one up. Like Doris is saying; there’s just something about them. :)

      Within the hour I’ll be off to the gym. How I love it to take my pocket with me,just in case I bump into someone afterwards while having coffee and being able to schedule an appointment instantly. That’s kind of the point of having a Filofax in the first place,right?

      Thanks for stopping by!