Filofax decoration; Cute Personal Kawaii Dividers

Filofax decoration; Cute Personal Kawaii Dividers

cute kawaii dividers and cute monthly calenderLovely Kawaii inserts; Home made and handcut dividers & Month on 2 Pages diary by Japan Corner

Hi there!

Well, you all know by now that I’ve moved to Pocket size weeks ago. I don’t tend to move back to Personal size any day soon, but you never know.

Before me moving out, I already ordered some of these cute Kawaii dividers I ordered on eBay at Japan Corner. The owner and creator of these handmade artwork also has a Filofax Blog! If you love Filofaxes, cute decoration for your Filofaxes, you’ll also love her Blog!

I tend to place a new order for my Pockets!!! Just love her stuff!

Let me share with you some pictures. I originally purchased these dividers for my Personal Holborn, which I still absolutely love! I

cute bookmark and business card kawaii

She also sent me these. Cute bookmark with Kawaii characters and her business card and cute Kawaii sticker!

special set kawaii cute personal dividers by japan corner          monthly calender cute kawaii personal filofax size

I had ordered these. The Special set which contains custom made dividers. You decide for your self what text is used on each divider. The special set also includes the Registration Number page for you Filofax Registration Number.

The Monthly calender is the Month on 2 Pages non tabbed, as we all know from Filofax. Just love it! It’s very colorful and theme related.

close up of the cute kawaii personal sized filofax dividers by japan corner      tabs on the dividers personal and customized by japan corner

The lovely tabs and dividers. I’m still using this exact same sections and set up in my current Pocket. It really works out for me. With the tabs being printed makes it a bit fixed, so you should definitely know your set ups is working out.

monthly calender cute kawaii personal sized filofax fit

The Month on 2 Pages is really lovely. Also the paper quality is great. She hand cuts all pages. The dividers are laminated as well. Love the monthly theme! It’s very decorative and a true addition if you want to spice your FF up a bit!

registration number leave in the filofax holborn
I just a few days ago registered my Filofax. They even ask what size Filofax you have and what it looks like. LOL! I was wondering if you are to register for each FF in use!!! Or can you just use this one number for all your Filofaxes!! But they’re not all just pocket size…LOL.

Kawaii cute dividers in the filofax holborn in wine     Example of the cute kawaii dividers in the finance section of the filofax holborn

Looks nice ey? Looking at these pictures makes me miss my Holborn a bit and also Personal size :( However I know I can make Pocket work, since I can maintain this set up and system, so why go bigger then huh? It’s too bad the Holborn Pocket has only 15 mm rings instead of the 19 mm I really need to make this work!

Endresult in the filofax holborn personal size in wine
The result!!! Pretty lovely huh? Really matches my other Kawaii stuff. I already blogged about it before how to spice up you Filofax.
So if you’re looking for some new addition to your Filofax in terms of decorating or you also love Kawaii stuff for your Filofax too! Should really check it out one day on eBay or check out her Blog. I also have her button appearing in the list on the right hand side on my Blog you can click on. You can also find her link in the Favorite Link box on my Blog.

Hope you like it and I hope to also have inspired you to spice it up!!

See you soon!

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    • HI there! I notice all of the websites you recommend, including the ebay ones, are followed by nl. I cannot find the same ebay stores on the US site. Are you in a different county or am I doing something wrong? I hope this isn’t a stupid question. ;-)

      • Hi I’m in the netherlands, so that might be the case. It could also be the ebay stores aren’t listed. I guess the post is a while back you’ve commented on, so take makes sense :)

  1. OMG! Thank you so much for writing about them- it’s my very first time to see my dividers in someone else’s binder, so excited to see it!! And I love your Filofax with lots of kawaii stuff ;)

  2. Hiya! I stumbled upon your blog when I was looking up Filofaxes. I just recently got a Pocket Finchbury and was thinking about getting the same tabs! Your post makes me want them more :P I’ll probably get them once I get paid this week! Btw, love your blog :D

  3. @ Lisa: you’re so welcome!

    @ Linda; welcome to my Blog! Glad you like it so much! The dividers are superb! She’s also got loads of other cute stuff for your Filofax so it’ll be worth checking her store out! Let me know what you think of them once you have them in your FF. Congrats on your Finsbury? Or Finchley? ;p