Filofax Update; Malden Compact Zipped used as a wallet

Filofax Update; Malden Compact Zipped used as a wallet

The Filofax Malden Compact Zipped in purpleLovely new Filofax Malden Compact Zipped in Purple as a wallet

Hi there!

Finally I am ready to show you my Filofax Malden Compact Zipped in purple fully set up as my wallet :D
It should be the perfect combination; wallet and a Diary and Finance section to keep track of my spending… We’ll see how long this’ll last!

So, the pictures will speak for itself. Enjoy!

all ready the filofax malden compact zipped in purple

It sits perfectly in my hand.. Although it’s slightly big to carry it in my bag altogether with my main Filofax the Personal Amazona in Almond…

opened up the filofax compact malden zipped purple

Opened up. As you can see; it lays pretty flat! (Right out of the box!). Really like the purple although to me it’s now the spring/summer color I’d like on my spending FF/wallet.

In the arrival of the Malden Compact I told you about all the cards and lay out.

On the left: 
Credit card and debit cards. On the right a post card I cut to size and hole punched. Really like this cheerful post card!

cards in the pockets in the filofax malden compact zipped     coin compartment in the filofax malden compact zipped in purple

Close up of the ‘wallet section’. A fully integrated wallet in my Malden Compact Zipped Filofax. Really love this! There’s room for over 12 cards and you can also put your cash in here, receipts, tickets and what not. In the middle there’s a zipped compartment to store your coins.

more space for receipts and money in the filofax malden compact zipped in purple      pockets in the filofax malden zipped compact in purple

As you can see; enough room to put loads in here! Same as a zipped wallet you find these days.
On the left: Full length pocket with coupons and receipts
On the right: shopping list and cards in the first full length pocket. You can also see here the extra ‘invisible’ card slots.

pockets on the left in the filofax malden compact zipped in purple     room for cash and receipts in the filofax malden compact zipped in purple

Top view of the wallet compartment. Cash can be stored in the full length pocket next to the cards.

exterior pocket in the filofax malden compact zipped in purple

There’s also a external pocket! Lovely to have quick access to your shopping list, bus card and things like that!

business cards in the filofax malden compact zipped in purple      graph paper and more business cards in the filofax malden compact zipped in purple

Business cards holders from  Filofax. In the pen loop; The Filofax Mini Barley pen in Silver from Amazon.

week on 2 pages with lines in the filofax malden compact zipped in purple

I use in here a Week on 2 Pages with lines. This came with a German diary (?). I’m not really sure. But I like it for this purpose. I will keep track of my daily spending each day.

empty expenses sheets in the filofax malden compact zipped in purple     finance section in the filofax malden compact zipped in purple

Empty Expenses sheets ready to be used. I’m working each month with three different budgets. First one is B1 and is used for money for groceries and shopping. B2 is used for all car expenses and B3 is a flexible budget. This budget differs every month, depending on the expenses and bills of that month. I try to forecast this B3 as much as possible and cover all expensive. This way I can suppress my impulse shopping and purchases. It helps!

transparent envelop in the filofax malden compact zipped in purple

More coupons that would’ve stuffed a regular wallet, but not my Filofax!!!

pen loop and back pocket in the filofax malden compact zipped in purple         pocket flap on the right in the filofax malden compact zipped

On the right hand side is a almost full length pocket or flap if you will. This is very handy! Quick accessible for receipts you receive at the till (counter?) and need to store in your wallet/FF quickly. With most Personal size Filofaxes this has appeared to be really in issue to me. Especially when shopping with a 4 month year old and a 3,5 year old…

side view of the filofax malden compact zipped in purple

Almost closed… It’s not even that bulky!!

together with the amazona in almond the filofax malden compact zipped

Together with Personal Amazona in Almond.

together the filofax personal amazona in almond and the malden compact zipped in purple

Straight up!

Lovely right?

Hoped you like this little tour and enjoyed the pics!

See you next time!

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  1. This is gorgeous. If I wasn’t so much in love with my Coach Legacy double zip wallet, I would love one of these. I especially like the purple. My fave color!

  2. Is that an Eiffel Tower dangler? Did it come with the Filo or did you add it on your own?

    Regina, impatiently waiting for her order from Denmark…

    • Hi,

      It’s still not in? … Are you in germany? Yes, it’s an Eiffel Tower charm from a dutch brand By Lou Lou. :)

      • Hi,

        I only ordered it on Tuesday and it’s Friday now. But I wasn’t home since Wednesday, so I have no idea whether or not it arrived already…

        Yes, I’m in Germany, Hamburg, to be precise.

          • Hi!

            I picked up my new Filo from the post office on Saturday. Tons of excitement! I moved in asap, and I can say with absolute certainty: I was happy with my Metropol, but I’m in love with my Chameleon!

          • awww that’s so good to hear!!! congrats on your new arrival! I’m a huge Chameleon fan! I’m sure it’ll work out for you! And soon pics on your set up right? If you ever feel like doing a guest post about it; I’m your gal!

  3. This is beautiful, I now want one for myself! I originally bought a personal Finsbury to track my spending, but so far I have used it for everything but that. I think this is the answer to my problem and im in need of a new purse so its win win…hops over to Filo website and Amazon…

    • Hi, it looks like the perfect solution right? And what’s better than to track your spending on the go along with your shopping? Keeps you on you budget and makes you reconsider about that impulse buy :) Any luck so far on Amazon? Be sure to check out eBay too although, I haven’t seen any anywhere…

  4. Love, love, love this!!!! Saw one on ebay and it is expensive!!! This makes me want to take the leap and splurge!!! :)

    • Yes!! It’s loveley. I need to update soon on my wallet/filo/system.. I’m currently out of the malden compact and might decide to sell it even… I went back to a regular wallet as I was given a lovely black DKNY out of the current collection. Since I have so much stuff to carry I think I prefer a separate wallet and a Personal FF for planning/goals etc.

    • Hi Hannah

      It’s from Buddha to Buddha. It’s a Dutch brand, well known for their silver rings, bracelets and so on.
      You can find all about it on their website. It’s the ‘Chain ring’ I also have this one in a matching chain big bracelet for both me and my son.

  5. Thanks so much for getting back to me. So my question to you is what’s your all time favorite filo? I just got this one but the rings are too small so I was thinking the Malden personal in purple? Not sure though.

    • The compact Malden indeed has small rings. Those are the ‘regular’ compact sized rings of 15 mm. I’d say go for the Personal Malden. If you find yourself a perfect Purple one, you’d really love it, I’m sure. The rings are big enough to fit everything you need in there! (23 mm). To me, the zipped Malden used to be the perfect wallet lay out. I’d only kept sheets in there to keep track of my budget and spending. To use it as a diary/planner and what also, I found it way too small:)
      Have a go on the Personal Malden! They have so much give :)

  6. Do you still have this one? I don’t want to stuff Miss Teal with all my wallet stuff so I’m looking for a filo that I can use as a wallet and I can’t find this model anywhere! lol…me and my luck!

    • Hi there!
      Nop, it’s out of the collection a while ago.. sorry :( it’s the perfect wallet though, however maybe a slightly too big