filofax personal sketch in olive





The sketch wasn’t really part of the shopping spree I suffered from a while ago.. I had to have those inserts! They really appealed to me, so I just went with it. It arrived at the same time I ordered the Metropol in Kingfisher Blue and a Domino in Electric blue. The Domino is still in the collection and being used as my Fitness & Health Filofax.

In order to keep the inserts and sheets I really liked (but only just for a few weeks… the dividers), it was always my intention to sell this one. So there’ll be no inserts included that came with it, however I have a lot of ‘standard’ inserts left, all Filofax ones and willing to ship them with your parcel if you decide to buy this one!

Please give it a good home! :D
I’ve blogged about  its arrival here. I understand that the color goes by the name of ‘oyster ‘ as well.



Ringsize:                      23 mm
Color:                            Olive / Oyster
Purchased:                 End of 2012 probably
Condition:                    Never used, still in the box
Available inserts      Yes (please email me if needed)
Material:                       Ribbed nylon with leather look trim


  • six rings of 23 mm
  • Left: six vertical cut out edge creditcard pockets, full length pocket behind & pen loop
  • Right: full length pocket
  • Exterior: full length pocket on the back


Was: Eur0  28,50*

Now: Euro 15,-!!!

* prices excluding P&P. P&P depending on were you live. You can find the Shipping Rates here.


Extra Information

There’s more pictures available if needed. I’ll be forwarding them to your email if you need any. Just fill out the form below or email me at

Original transparent fly leaf and ruler included!
Diary is excluded, but I have some packs of sheets/diaries etc. available. Please email me if you need any.

I ship internationally and worldwide. Click here for the current rates.

Terms and conditions (for the full version click here)


General Conditions

  • I only take (counter) offers into consideration by email or using the contact form on the Blog, once we have agreed of the sale of one of my Filofaxes or other brand organizers, payment will be handled by PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account please contact me by email. 
  • If you are in The Netherlands I prefer payment by bank to bank transaction.
  • Cancelling your purchase is only possible within 48 days, please always contact me if you regret your purchase. 
  • Filofaxes for sale are usually offered without any stationery, sheets, inserts or diary.  If there is any available, I will let you know be email and you can decide whether you would like to have it as well. If I happen to have any extra stationery I’m currently not using, I mostly throw this in for free when your parcel is being wrapped

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