Keep calm and plan on; Filofax Update!

Keep calm and plan on; Filofax Update!



keep calm




Hi there!

Well, this picture really applies to me!

This is in my Personal Buttercup. Love it! I’ve ordered the ruler on Etsy and ended up ordering another two. I’ll show you in the next post that’s all about the inside of the Personal Buttercup so hang on!  :)

This is basically an update. An update of it all.

I wanted to thank you guys for commenting on the previous post. It was really heart warming and I felt so understood!!! Very helpful!

This also gave me strength to hold on to this Blog. At least for now. I’ve decided to stop selling out of my current collection. I’ll only sell the ones that are marked red on the For Sale Overview. Other than those, I’ll keep my collection as it is today.

Mainly the process of selling and sending out all the sold Filo’s gave me tons of stress. Altogether with the job and the family life. A bit to much for me to also keep on blogging. I expect to have more time on my hands once I’m done selling my Filofaxes in bulk, that is.

I always liked to wrap the parcels nicely and put in there tons of extras to provide the new owner of the Filofax to start up fresh. Some cute things to decorate your Filofax always helps to get you started! At least to me!

So, with that mostly being over, I do think I”ll hang on there! :) Due to your support I must add! Especially Bonnie.. I made her a special offer… Hope she replies! :)

Here’s an update:

Sold Filofaxes:

Malden in Grey (personal size)
Regency in Black (personal size) & Domino in Electric Blue (personal size)

So bye bye to those! I’m sure they’ve found a good new home! :)

I’ve already taken pictures to give you a peek in my Buttercup.

See you next time!

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  1. I really enjoy your posts – a little bummed I missed out on some A5s for sale as they are hard to find these days! I still love your smaller collection! Keep up the good work!