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The Chameleon A5 in Aqua was my second A5 size Filofax! I thought it was my first, but that was actually the Finsburry which I recently returned to Filofax Belgium, due to the ring problems. So, I forgot about it.

Once I started out with A5, my collection grew rapidly! :) I was totally HOOKED to the A5 size. On YouTube I spotted a video about the Chameleon in Aqua and I had to have it! It just looked great! So, off we went! :)

When it arrived I really liked it! I remember ordering from Amazon and have it delivered quickly, since we were almost off to our holiday to France and I wanted to take it along with me! We don’t have actual shops to go out and get a Filofax, so everything has to be ordered online.

I already had a pocket Chameleon in Brown, but I didn’t like the size of the binder itself. THAT one, I should’ve returned!


Filofax: Chameleon
Size: A5
Color: Aqua
In my collection: june 2011
Current use: none

SOLD filofax a5 chameleon in aqua

I brought it on a holiday (sun, sea and beach) and I can see the wear of the leather.

Currently my Chameleon is unemployed and empty.

I honestly expected the leather to be a little bit softer… I read on other peoples blog they just loved the softness of the leather of the Chameleon. However, my A5 isn´t soft at all!

Since I own the Personal Chameleon in Raspberry (!) i KNOW better; it IS soft and luscious.

For Sale
At this point, there are no Filofaxes for sale, although I am thinking of selling a few. If they do get for sale, you can check it out on my For Sale page. The Filofaxes for sale will be listed there.

Put in an offer! 
However, if you do love, love a Filofax I own, you can always put in an offer by emailing me. Maybe we can come to terms. :)


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    • Hi there!
      Thank you for your comment and stopping by! :) Unfortunately I’ve just sold this Filofax.. I’ll be updating my collection soon. I have some other ones for sale and I’ll be also selling other brands soon. Maybe there’ll be another FF you’ll like.