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Welcome to the Domino Page. I actually just have one single Domino. :)

I know a lot of you think this is a great binder, especially to start with. But if you started out with an A5 in real leather, maybe your already spoiled! :D I know, I sure was. I just couldn’t get used to the cover, not being leather, from the Domino. It’s just ‘different’.

The Domino arrived together with my A5 Finchley in Mustard
Both of the Filofaxes I purchased with 50% discount. I tried both as my Business Filofax. However, It didn’t take me long to move out of them into the Malden in Grey, because of its ringspace. I expanded the functionality of my Business Filofax, therefore I needed the extra space and of course workable pen loops! Since this was really an issue or my on the Finchley. 


Filofax: Domino Snake
Size: A5
Color: Bronze
In my collection: september 2011
Current use: none

The color is really great! I love the ‘snakeskin’. Don’t like the elastic band though, instead of the clasp. I prefer a clasp at all times on my Filofax.

Why I went for the Snake in Bronze, is because of its interior. I really did like the inside to be this dark brown, almost black. Looked very classy! However, it’s still not real leather and still has no clasp.

It’s hard to capture its true color, but I did my best. I think this color comes close to the real color.

For Sale
At this point, there are no Filofaxes for sale, although I am thinking of selling a few. If they do get for sale, you can check it out on my For Sale page. The Filofaxes for sale will be listed there.

Put in an offer! 
However, if you do love, love a Filofax I own, you can always put in an offer by emailing me. Maybe we can come to terms. :)


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  1. Hello, i would like to put in an offer for the A5 BRONZE domino. I’ve fallen absolutely in love with it, and it seems to be that i can no longer live with out this in my new collection.
    Please get back to me when you can.
    Thank you!