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The Amazona in Red was my first Filofax! And therefore, still special to me. After seeing 27 Dresses, I really wanted a Filofax as well! In the Netherlands the most popular and know for brand is however Succes Organizers. I have a few of them myself. These binders will also be listed under My Collection – Other Brands.

Once started with Filofax, I was hooked! Loved it so much better than Succes! More possibilities  more functional, better looking! Cheaper!

I used this binder for quite a while! Until I really got struck by the Filofax virus and started expanding, big time!
The downside of the Amazona for me is its lay out. I couldn’t make the zipped pocket in the back (right hand side) work for me, somehow. I always kept it empty. For some reason, that made me feel out of balance, since all the ‘bulk’ happened in the front of the binder.

Still…. I am thinking of expanding on the Amazona collection. I’ve been after an A5 Amazona in Black, to replace my Cuban A5. That one WILL be functional to me. However, I am also thinking about the Amazona in Almond. Recently it popped up online and for a very good price!  So, could I? Should I? …



Filofax: Amazona
Size: Personal
Color: Red
In my collection: 2-3 years ago!
Current use: Spare sheets binder and diary pages

The color is nice. Maybe a little bit tooo red? It’s not the wine kind of red like on the Holborn in Wine.
It’s more a brighter red, which makes it a ‘dangerous’ color, since you might get sick of the color after a while.

She look still up and running. And she is, in a way! Every week I’ll be taking out Daily pages for my Main Filofax.

She still look perfect, even though she is my ‘oldest’ Filofax!

For Sale
At this point, there are no Filofaxes for sale, although I am thinking of selling a few. If they do get for sale, you can check it out on my For Sale page. The Filofaxes for sale will be listed there.

Put in an offer! 
However, if you do love, love a Filofax I own, you can always put in an offer by emailing me. Maybe we can come to terms, and I’ll end up selling one of my favorite Filofaxes to you! :D


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