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Welcome to the Personal Chameleon! 

I haven’t even blogged about the Chameleon! At this point, there are several Chameleons in my collection. The Chameleon I have in my collection in almost every size. For me, Personal size is the best size for the Chameleon! It’s so nice and soft!

The Personal Chameleon is just recently in my collection. I exchanged it for the Adelphi in Purple, which I couldn’t connect with. So, off it went. Back to Denmark!

Currently the Raspberry Chameleon is in my Filofax Rotation Pool. I use it today. In my Rotation Pool are currently;

-Filofax Personal Regency in Black
-Filofax Personal Malden in Black

And there is still room for a fourth Filofax to add to the system!

Of course it’s quite a chore to move all your stuff from one binder to another, but I like to keep these Filofaxes rotating. This way, they won’t all end up on my shelve doing nothing. Until I maybe find a more dedicated role for one of them. I can see this happen with the Malden in Black. But for now, I’m enjoying him too much, to give him another role.

So, I’m a bit ‘in love’  also with the beautiful Raspberry color, Mrs. Chameleon has on her! Never understood what the fuss was about, since the Brown an Aqua aren’t THAT amazing, but now I do! You just need to have one Raspberry Chameleon in your collection, whatever size!



Filofax: Chameleon
Size: Personal
Color: Raspberry!
In my collection: November 2012
Current use: Filofax Rotation System / Main Filofax/ Me binder

Love this color! It goes so well with all my cute Kawaii stuff! At first I thought I had to compensate all this cuteness with a black colored Filofax, such as my Malden or Regency. How untrue! This goes so well and I love it. I won’t abandon my Regency, though.

Really enjoy the vertical card slots! It can hold so much stuff! Unlike Mr. Reggie, who is at his best a little slimmer.
I like putting in all this cute stuff and extras in my Chameleon. The clasp still closes so neatly and it all seems to fit, no matter how much stuff you add!
Do prefer the lay out and pockets of the Regency.

Because I did a pen loop hack on the right, and the pen loop of the Chameleon is placed on the left, It all fits perfectly.

Not stiff and soooo flexible. Kinda nice for a change! It also feels very luscious. Just like the color! Very girly. And sometimes a little girly girly is permitted, right?

For Sale
At this point, there are no Filofaxes for sale, although I am thinking of selling a few. If they do get for sale, you can check it out on my For Sale page. The Filofaxes for sale will be listed there.

Put in an offer! 
However, if you do love, love a Filofax I own, you can always put in an offer by emailing me. Maybe we can come to terms, and I’ll end up selling one of my favorite Filofaxes to you! :D


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