New Filofaxes part 1; Arrival of the Chameleons

New Filofaxes part 1; Arrival of the Chameleons

Filofax Chameleon arrival in Pocket size and Personal sizeThe lovely Three; Filofax Chameleon Personal in Aqua & Filofaxes Chameleon Pocket in Spring Green and Aqua



Hi there!

So this is part 1 of my new Filofaxes.. :D
I decided to do a three part ‘Arrival Post’ on all of them.

This post is all about the Arrival of the Chameleons. I haven’t done a set up post and tour about the Personal Osterley yet which I grew to love after using it for weeks now. I will do soon!

I’m still on my search for either the perfect Filofax to also use as a wallet OR the perfect set up using a Personal size Filofax as my planner and main binder and a smaller (pocket size) Filofax as a wallet with a full set up as a spending diary next to it.

Well, to fill you in a bit. This is what’s been happening.
I have been setting up one of the Chameleons as a wallet and LOVE it. The only down side is that I’m leaving my Osterley mostly at home, as everything I need is in my Pocket Chameleon. Wallet wise, but also note paper, sticky notes when something pops into my head I need to scribble down. I can write it on a sticky and later on file it in my Personal Osterley. I don’t see myself carrying both Pocket Chameleon and Personal Osterley all the time in my hand bag while out and about. Even when we go out like all day I’m leaving the Osterley at home and sometimes even in the car. All alone! (I know!!!)

That’s why I’ll keep on searching to the one binder to use as a wallet and planner in one. I’m currently looking into Franklin Covey Aurora in Compact size. Carla posted about this binder. Even though the FF inserts do fit I’m a little hesitant of taking the leap. Maybe you can give me some insight in the future?

At the moment I’m having a total binder spree.. Next part will feature incoming two Personal Amazona’s and the post after (the final part let’s hope) will be about another three new Filofaxes on my hunt for the perfect Fitness Filofax.

The Chameleons have already arrived though. The first to arrive was the Pocket Chameleon in Aqua which I immediately set up as my wallet and loved it! I ordered it in Aqua since I sold my Aqua A5 and kinda missed it.. Well not the size, but the color. No regrets there! I absolutely loved it when it came in from Amazon UK. Loving the Aqua so much I was thinking of getting it in Personal size too! How crazy is that? I know!
Makes no sense, but I still like to switch Filofaxes (within my current rotation system) and just needed to have the Personal Aqua too! BUT, I also started looking into the Spring Green Chameleon and was wondering how that one would look in Personal size and with Springtime coming up and all. Well, you can guess what happened next. Off  I went online and obsessing over it on other peoples Blogs and videos on YouTube. The Spring Green never appealed to me before but boy, now it did!

So along with the Personal Aqua it went in my shopping basket. In Pocket size! As I figured I would like it better in the Pocket size and there’d be no harm done to the already owned Pocket Aqua as I could just switch from one to another depending on the handbag I’m carrying or my mood.

Well, here they are! Enjoy the pictures! And I’m still in the Pocket Chameleon. The Spring Green one, as it’s so soft! Softest Chameleon ever! The Personal size Aqua I’m having second thoughts about. I do love it and moved out of the Osterley just out of curiosity but it’s a little too much I guess. I might return it to Filofax Denmark or sell it on my Blog. Just not sure yet. I have already a Chameleon in Raspberry and like that one better. So I couldn’t really justify on keeping the Personal Aqua.

Enjoy!!! :D

The box of the filofaxes           Parcel no 2

The boxes they came in. They didn’t arrive at the same day though. Kind of looks like it that way, but I wanted to do one post about both arrivals. The Spring Green Pocket and Personal Aqua came in the left box from Filofax Denmark. On the right the  Filofax Pocket Chameleon in Aqua from Amazon UK.

two lovely filofaxes personal aqua and pocket spring green chameleon          lovely filofax pocket chameleon in aqua

On the left: the Personal in Aqua and the Pocket in Spring Green. The Spring Green came without the Filofax box. When I held it in my hands for the first time I just couldn’t believe its softness!! Never had such a soft Chameleon before! The leather is so supple and the smell just jummy!

On its own the filofax personal chameleon in aqua  On its own the filofax pocket chameleon in spring green  On its own the filofax pocket chameleon in aqua

One, two, three!
The Personal size is the ‘stiffest’ one out of the three. I prefer the Pocket Aqua used as a wallet. The color is just lovely on it! However the Spring Green will be great in spring time, no doubt.

The Personal I’m not so sure about… I might return or sell it again as I love my Raspberry Personal over this one.

Both Aqua Chameleons in Pocket and Personal size

The color is quite the same. No differences. The Personal size is all perfect. The Pocket on the other hand has some faults in the leather. In the pattern that is. But it’s fine. I don’t mind.

Both Pocket Chameleons in Aqua and Spring Green

Two of a kind! Which one would you prefer?

filo fatness the pocket and personal chameleon in aqua        double trouble the filofaxes pocket and personal chameleon in aqua

Double trouble!! Don’t they look absolutely fabulous together? Me likey! :D

set up as a wallet the filofax pocket chameleon in spring green

After I’ve moved out of the Aqua and into the Spring Green it looked like this!! I’m planning to do a set up and tour soon about the Pocket used as a wallet!

Nowadays I prefer using a Pocket Filofax as a wallet over a regular wallet as I can keep my records and spending diary and all information I need when out and about.

I surely hope I didn’t knock you off your feet with the arrival of three (!) Filofaxes and still more to come!

Next up; Part 2; Arrival of the Personal Amazona in Almond & in Black!

Hope you liked the pictures!

See you next time!

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  1. The Aurora would indeed be a lovely planner/wallet (though, I don’t use it that way). The pocket configuration, and the big rings would be perfect. Those golden rings. Mmmmm. :) However, I’m having trouble with the clasp as it is magnetized (not snap) and I feel the magnet inside the leather is not strong enough? the only thing holding it together is that belt strap. When filled, I feel like the strap can slide off. It’s still a keeper though. But, I’ll keep you in mind should I decide to part ways with it. Anyway, good luck finding that perfect wallet/planner. I think it’s something we planner lovers are always striving to find.

    • Hi Carla,
      Thanks for your elaborated view on this! I’ve never seen the Aurora in the flesh and she did sound very appealing to me lay out wise and cards and the zipped compartment and all that. With even bigger rings than most Personal FF she did seem the perfect compagnon. Maybe I’ve been seeing too many YouTube videos where people were talking about this one binder for everything! I even tried to set up the Holborn (wine) as the planner/wallet combi. However it got too bulky for my taste! Although pockets/lay out and all that are perfect for the set up I’m longing for!

  2. I love Chameleons. I’ve got an a5 in red which I use as my home planner. The spring green is lovely, my daughter would love that as green is her favourite colour.

    • Hi Jo,

      Thank you! Yes they are lovely aren’t they! Love everything about them and the leather is so supple and flexible! :)

  3. Too bad I just can’t afford a chameleon (in any color). I had the opportunity to get a Personal Chameleon in raspberry, but it was gone by the time I had the money. The spring green is a nice color for the Chameleon.

  4. I’m so excited. I just ordered my very first Filofax. I was addicted in the past to Franklin Covey and now I’m using the Moleskine. I’m finally jumping into the Filofax madness!

    • They should put up a big warning sign before ever purchasing your fist Filofax; “VERY ADDICTIVE” :D
      Welcome to the wonderful world of Filofax :) I was just considering the FC Aurora but was put of by the magnetic clasp. When full stuffed that might give some trouble closing up. Wouldn’t want that! :)
      Which FF did you order?

  5. The aqua A5 is very much loved since it’s arrival ;-) I have made very nice dividers. I have been looking at the personals to keep him company though.

    • hihi :) i know… I was really missing that color in my collection :( :( I only sold it to you as I wasn’t using the A5 anymore. Love the pocket aqua!
      pictures of the dividers please! ;)

  6. Oh,I love the spring green Chameleon,I own one myself :o ) The s.g.+raspberry Pocket Chameleons are my fav`s!!

  7. Hi

    Just wondering if you still have the personal size Chameleon in Aqua? I read above you were thinking about selling! I have an A5 and a mini Chameleon in aqua and would love the personal size to use as a mini wedding planner! I am not able to find this planner anywhere. Feel free to email me at

    Thank you!

    Love your blog by the way – organization and beautiful things!

    • Hi Krystal!

      I know.. It’s very hard to come buy if not impossible, depending on where you’re located and what your resources are…
      I’ve already sold the Chameleon!!! Still have it in Pocket size in aqua though…