New Filofaxes Part 2; Arrival of the Personal Amazonas

New Filofaxes Part 2; Arrival of the Personal Amazonas

Filofax Personal Amazona in Black & AlmondThe lovely Amazonas in Personal size in Black & in Almond

Hi there!

Well here we go again with Part 2 of the New Arrivals! Yesterday decided to be Amazona day :) How lucky was I?
I told you in previous posts I was way behind on my Blog! But these two beauties arrived yesterday.

The Black Amazona I found on Adspot and came from Germany. I was looking around for a Black Amazona in Personal size for quite a while now! When I spotted it I really wanted it!! I’ve seen it on Filofax NL at Euro 132,- ex. P&P! A bit too much! When I emailed the owner she told me there where two others interested in this Filofax… Luckily she emailed back after a few days (?) not really sure… that it was available again. Thanks Ena!!!

The Almond Amazona was just waiting for me at the dutch web shop I also found my brand new Personal Portland and brand new Green Windsor. I’d been stalking it for a long long time now; months even! Even put it in my shopping basket but never checked out before.. When I started to search for it again I knew I just couldn’t resist!

I used to own a Personal Amazona already in Red. That Amazona was swapped for a Mini Malden in Ochre and a Pocket Amazona in brown. Both unused at the moment as I’m totally back in Personal size right now. The Red I never did like much because the red is too bright a red for me. I expected it to be a bit more cherry. That Amazona was my very first Filofax and how little did I know then! I even used it for a few years!!! Can you believe that! Sticking to one Filofax for years! I wish that could happen to me again! I’m very pleased with these two new additions. With the Red Amazona out of the collection I do have now four Amazona’s in my collection; Personal in Black and Almond and Pocket size in Black and Brown. Love them all!

After the purchase of the Malden in Ochre and the Osterley in Plum I’d been a little lost in FF land… For some reason I couldn’t fall in love with the Plum although it’s such a lovely binder! And having it in A5 size already you’d expect there would be no surprises left. I guess my expectations were just a little too high. I don’t really like the flat cover. It’s to me a bit weird with the pattern (croc). Like it’s painted on it or something. After using the Plum for a weeks now a DID started to like it better every day and it really grew on me. But no love here :(

However the Almond Amazona makes it all up for that! I totally love her!!!  I really wanted a lighter Filofax to match upcoming springtime. Does that make sense at all?

So out of the Osterley into the Amazona! :D

Here are some pictures of the arrival! Enjoy! And let me know what you think! Which one do you prefer?

filofax parcel number one          and the second filofax parcel

On the left: the parcel from Filo Manie. You can check out her blog here. On the right the parcel from the ‘secret secret’ store I shop all my vintage Filofaxes! :)

almost unboxed the two filofaxes

Ena wrapped everything so nicely! (left) and she even left all the Danish inserts in! Appreciate that!
The Almond came in the wrong box; Personal Adelphi but I don’t mind. It’s the final one they have had ever in stock!

just lovely the two filofaxes amazona in personal size in black and in almond           Lovely new Filofax Personal sized Amazonas in Black and Almond

In and out of the box! The Almond just has the most perfect aligned rings ever! It even came with some inserts; the cotton cream ones which I love. There just wasn’t any diary present, but that’s just fine. Wouldn’t have used it anyway. I was really surprised the Almond came with inserts. My previous Filofaxes came both empty.

Personal Filofax Amazon in Black

A good close up! Click on the picture to enlarge!

Personal Filofax Amazona in Almond

Lovely color! I will do a tour very soon! I know I also promised the tour of the Osterley. Just to show you all the stuff I keep in there. I will do that post also as I’ve been saying this for such a long time now!

The next arrival features; The Domino, The Sketch (say what?!) and the Metropol Compact.

Hope you enjoyed this! See you next time!

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  1. Thank you ladies for showing your thoughts on this with me!!! I’m in the almond now, as we speak and love it! I can see myself in the black one though as I loved it in pocket size so much!!

  2. Hahaha,funny,how many people say,that they love the almond colour…I ordered one in NL and returned it right away.I don`t like the original colour at all…to me it looks like the orthopedic shoes of old Ladies…??In flashlight the colour seems much lighter…but in nature light it is more a beige/greyish colour.
    I am still waiting for my red+brown Personal Amazona…
    I don`t like the plum colour too much.Maybe you should try the grey Osterley…?It is more elegant…I love,love,love it :o ) When I look at your collection it seems that you are not such a “purple/pink-girl” ;o)

    • Yes, I know how you felt about the Almond color :) seen it on your YouTube video.. I know what you mean, you have to fall for it a bit I guess. I myself liked it from the start! Also the black one and the brown one. I used to have the red Amazona and that’s the only color that didn’t appeal to me! Much too bright kind of red! Strange huh? Just a matter of taste I guess :) I would love the grey osterley! Love the plum too but it’s soooo expensive.. Maybe one day! :)