Not another Filofax; meet my Succes Standard

Not another Filofax; meet my Succes Standard

It was bound to happen.. I really want to expand my Reggie in Compact size.  I accepted that it won’t happen in my current Compact…
So,  I started up a little project again. :) That would be the Personal Project in combination with my Compact Regency.

I only have two Filofax Personal sizes; Amazona in red and Malden in vintage pink. Both of those Filo’s are currently employed, since the Amazona is keeping my diary sheets (different lay outs, but all current diaries) and she is properly set up as well and my Malden is working as my archive binder and doing a very good job at it, though.

Since I’m am hankering for a black Regency at the moment (personal size), I started to practice  my figured out set up and system with my Succes binder. This binder is in my collection of Succes organizers for about 5 years I guess. It was one of my first Succes binders.

Actually Succes was al pre Filofax! I’ve only into FF’s since a few years. And I’ve know Succes for ages, but now I prefer  FF, no doubt!

I do have several Succes binders in different sizes. Standard is compatible with Personal size. And Junior is compatible with Mini. They have a different size called Senior, I used to prefer, since it’s smaller than Personal and much larger than Mini. I own one of these, but used to own more. Since there are only Succes refills available for that size I changed to Standard which is the international standard page size, as we all know.

The binder as shown below is the Succes Standard from the Classic line and is called The Luxe,  believe in black.

Succes Binder Classic line  The Luxe Standard Size 

The leather is very stiff. It is a sturdy and durable binder and type of leather (full grain), but is is not for me. I find the cover too stiff and the pockets and pouches too non-functional.

Succes is also a very expensive brand. This binder is in 2013 collection about 135 Euro. Without it’s content! It is originally a Dutch brand I think, therefor you can’t get it cheaper (eBay, amazon, co etc.) elsewhere. I’m not totally sure if this is still true, most likely it is available on eBay somewhere, or maybe there are international retailers.

Next up are a few photos of my little personal project and how it would work for me, IF I were to order my beloved Reggie in black and in Personal size.. And what would happen with my compact?

Enjoy the photos. If you have any questions, feel free to comment! :)

The front of the binder. As you can see it’s pretty sturdy and stiff. I find the binder a bit masculine as well.

Still not to fat..

The pen loop is a bit too high, for my liking. I stuck another pen in the clasp, since the clasp is quite large.

It feels a bit bulky, although it’s not that heavy. I think it’s the stiffness and bulkiness of the leather itself contributing to the weight.

I always seem to forget to make a picture of the back pockets. There isn’t much to it; just a credit card pouch, or maybe you could fit in a little notebook. The credit card slots in the front are a little narrow, but they fit. The Regency is my favorite due to the layout and it’s pockets. They are amazing! I won’t be setting them up as I did in the Succes, but it gave me a glimpse of it’s functionality.

Just another close up, to give you an idea of its content.

It would definitely please me to put back in all my fun stuff, stickers, dividers, more sections. I added already an Alphabet for my notes. I like to carry around a little more personal stuff and info. I used to stash them into my A5, but I might even put them in my Personal binder. I kinda like the idea of having the option of taking all my notes with me.

I might even use my compact, when I go out for a quick errand, and just transfer the complete planning section into the binder to take along my planning and appointments.

It’s a little shiny due to the artificial light.

The Succes label on the outside is only on the back. There’s no mark on the spine, like FF

It is not yet that fat and still more space.

So, this is another binder. I’m very curious if you are all familiar with the Succes as a brand for organizers  I know some of you have. Like I said, one of the reasons I stopped using this brand is because of its high retail price and the fact it doesn’t come with any dividers, diary, or notepaper. It comes in empty and the price is even higher than some of the high end Filofaxes. Besides that, the overall look and feel is different than FF and I find them a bit boring.

That’s why I will certainly stick with my FF since I just love them.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

See you next time!


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  1. Hi there!
    Wow you change binders with the speed of light, woman! LOL
    I also started out in Succes looooooon time ago. Actually, their Junior size is compatible with Filofax Pocket, not Mini. Have fun!!

  2. Hi Jotje,
    thanks for leaving a comment on this one :) Actually, the Succes binder is just to see if I can work Personal size again. I haven’t moved in and I won’t since I prefer FF now. This actual Succes binder, I already own for like 5 years or so, and it was nicely put away in my cupboard.

    You’re right about the Junior size! They do have mini, used to have one.. and I think that one is compatible with mini of FF

    The compact btw, I’m still using for mostly my (shopping)lists. It still goes everywhere with me :) Yey, Reggie!