Spicing up my Filofax; Filofax decorating

Spicing up my Filofax; Filofax decorating


My lovely new Martha Stewart Tabs by Avery in my Filofax Personal Chameleon


Hi there!

I’ve been searching the web constantly for Martha Stewart note tabs and sticky notes by Avery.
Yes, we do have a Staples and no, you can’t purchase the Martha Stewart Home Office in the Dutch Staples. Nor in Germany or other countries around The Netherlands. They DO have them at Staples UK. However, after placing my order, I received an email they couldn’t send them overseas… What a bummer! :(

So, on Twitter I asked Jotje and she hooked me up with Alice, who is Dutch and lives in the US. Yay!  I could the tabs from her!  How nice! She went out to get them the next day and I received them yesterday!

I definitaly wanted to share the result with you guys!

Of course, I ordered quite a stash! Especially the sticky notes! I will use them a lot!

She also got me the sticky notes home brand from staples (blue/white on the right hand side) and asked me to check them out. They are super sticky as well. Like the shape en the print, however they kinda smell. The Martha Stewart don’t. But they work fine :)

I also wanted to spice up my Chameleon Personal. It is currently in use as my Personal Filofax and Main. With all that Kawaii cuteness inside, I needed to spice it up a bit :) I found this cool scrapbook paper on eBay (also not for sale locally) and got it a good price. They also came in yesterday, so I immediately started decorating my Filofax!

I will do an updated tour soon of the Chameleon Personal in Raspberry. Just love it!

Here is the end result  after a bit of tabs fine tuning  I love about these tabs, they are so small! They fit so much better than regular Avery tabs in my Personal size Filo!

My Filofax opened up.

Another close up of the tabs. Looks really cute! With the homemade dividers it also looks a bit spiced up! Will show you later on in another Filofax Tour!

Final pic. In the front you can get a peak of one of the new homemade dividers.

I hope you will hang there to check out my next post! I will shoot some pictures to give you an updated tour of my Chameleon which I currently use. I also use my Regency and Malden in Black. Those three binders are in a rotation system. I might do a Blog post about it, to explain.

Hope you liked the pics!

See you soon!

The Filofax Chameleon Personal  in Raspberry is also listed in My Filofax Personal collection.
Or check out the complete Filofax Personal Collection!

Filofax Collection Personal size


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  1. Hi, Lady Filo! I’m Mancy. I searched in Google “Martha Stewart NoteTabs AVERY” so i got into your wonderful blog. After reading some of your posts (especially this one:) i realized that i had no chance to get the super cute Martha Stewart NoteTabs and Stickers neither in germany (where I stay now) nor in your country…What a pity! Because I was also searching these NoteTabs on internet (as your way), especially ebay.de day by day… But now i understand, asking one of my friends, who lives in UK or in US, is the only way to purchase them! Thank your post and from now on i don’t need to search them in germany hopelessly:P

    BTW, I also have a FF Chameleon Personal Raspberry! Yes, The same one like yours. So I’m so happy to see your cute setup with MS NoteTabs, because it’s really soooooooooooooo match to each other (as i imagined everyday)❤!

    p.s. I’m a Chinese student and now stay in germany because of my studies. I run a blog (but in chinese) to collect all stuffs about cute and nice stationery, especially filofax. Filofax is not SO popular in China now as in Europa and US, so i want to introduce to chinese young people more informations about FF^_^

    and, nice to meet youO(∩_∩)O!~

    • Hi Mancy!

      Sorry for not replying sooner, but I’ve been having some difficulties with my email alerts..

      Yes, that’s very true; don’t bother looking for any Martha Stewart stuff in Germany, or any other of the surrounding countries. I’ve tried to order from Staples UK (since the martha stewart avery line is exclusively available on Staples.. ) I managed to check out and pay for my order, however shortly after the order I got an email they do not ship (yet?) overseas.. Such a bummer! I asked someone within the FF community on Twitter and got hooked up with someone in the US. I’d given her a shopping list and she got me the whole stash, so I’m good for now! he he :P

      How cool you run a blog also. Must blog a lot about Kawaii? I just love Kawaii stuff! And such a great idea to get FF more popular in China! More blog readers!! :) LOL

      Very cool to study and stay in Germany. You speak German already? :)
      Thank you for stopping by and nice to meet you too! If you have any questions whatsoever, please let me know!

      • Hi Monica,

        Thank you for stopping by and welcome :)
        There are several tutorials around the internet how to make your own dividers. It’s actually quite simple; You need a compatible hole puncher first. I’m using one with 4 sizes; A4, A5, Personal size and Pocket size (Filofax compatible). It was a different brand. Have to look it up if you’re interested.

        Then you cut your paper. I always cut mine by hand. Mostly scrapbook paper. The paper is this post I ordered of on eBay. There’s plenty around! As a template I use a divider which come with the Filofax when you purchase one. Then start cutting! I used to also cut out the tabs.Since I use Martha Stewart Avery tabs I don;t do that anymore, since It’s too fixed for me. The Martha Stewart ones are re usable and therefore much more flexible when it comes to your set up of your FF!

        Hope this helps! Good luck!

  2. Actually, I bought Avery Zweckform tabs on ebay.de immediately, after I read this post. These tabs are round and square, however the colours of these tabs are also very cute≧▽≦

    And…yes, you’re RIGHT! I do have a lot about Kawaii! But they are in China now (i bought them on taobao.com→chinese ebay, the cutest and cheapest online shoppingmall on earth:P) I asked one of my friends to send them to me. The shipping costs me a lot of money to, h o w e v e r →first of all, I can’t find these cute (japanese or korean) things in germany; secondly, even though i could find some of them, the price would scare me(/TДT)/ .

    Anyway, they are on the road (or in the air…). I will receive 1,5kg “Kawaii” two weeks later (i know it’s crazyT_T). I would like to share with you some photos of these stuffs after i received them✪ω✪

    “Ja, ich kann Deutsch sprechen!” I was in Amsterdam, twice. With my limited german vocabulary I could also understand a little Dutch words (it helped me a lot..). German and Dutch must be cognate languages~

    Your Blog is amazing, really! I subscribed your blog to my google reader (=I read your posts always on bed LOL!),
    So, keep on posting and feed my reader o(*≧▽≦)ツ !

    • HI!! so cool you’ll be receiving so much kawaii stuff!! love it! maybe we can order it together… I order online. Found 2 dutch webshops; mostcutest.nl and cutenss.nl. One of those webshop also delivers outside of the Netherlands. Germany for sure! but their stock isn’t quite what you’re used to, I guess. Prices are ok. somethings I also order on eBay. Mostly P&P is free.
      Maybe we can order together someday ! :D I also familiar with taobao.com. But you have to order in bulk right? Because of the delivery costs?

      Ich spreche auch Deutsch! Und Hollandisch, selbstverstandlich :)

      Maybe we should meet up, when you’re back in Amsterdam :)

      So, keep me posted on your Kawaii stuff! There’s always room for more! he he

      • Hi! Ich bin wieder da:)))! These two webshops which you gave me are sooo kawaii!!! I already found something that I will buy them someday;) Thank you!!!~~~

        Of course we can order together someday at taobao.com! As you said, we have to order in bulk, otherwise the delivery costs will higher than the price of what we’ve bought. we can discuss further details later;)

        I’ll defintily write a post about these kawaii stuffs, as soon as I receive them!

        and I’ll remain you if I’m back in Amsterdam someday:)

        Have a nice day^_^!!!