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Arrival of the Gillio Firenze Medium Compagna in Black Croco!

Arrival of the Gillio Firenze Medium Compagna in Black Croco!

Gillio as a giftWhat’s in here? Is it a Gillio Medium Compagna?

Hi there!

Yes!! It’s here! The lovely Gillio Medium Compagna in Black Croco has arrived. Unlike most of you out there, it did arrive very quickly after I’ve ordered it online. I ordered last Friday in the afternoon. It was suppose to dispatch last Monday, however I didn’t receive the confirmation email until Tuesday morning.

All and all, it took just one business day extra, due to the weekend probably. But that’s fine!!! It’s nice to learn, IF I every order a new Gillio planner, it’ll be here within two business days.. Quite nice ey?

Well, I’ve posted earlier about the purchase of the Gillio. You can read about it here and here. For me, it was between the black croco or the brown one.. I went with black obviously. Mainly because I was on the look out for THE perfect black planner (Filofax) a while ago. I thought I’d found it in the Filofax compact Luxe, but I changed my mind about the use of a compact planner in general.

So.. .enough reasons to finally go ahead and order a very Gillio planner!! The Gillio bug is very active these days, don’t you agree?

Now, onto the pictures, that’s what you’re here for! I’ve decided to firstly do the arrival/unboxing post and the next post’ll be about the set  up and me moving into the Gillio Compagna. I’ve shot the pictures today and they’ve turned out really lovely, mouth watering, enabling. So be ware!!!

I’ve decided not to edit these pictures much as I wanted to capture the true color of the Compagna. I know a lot of you out there, use these posts to make up their mind during the ordering process and all.

Hope you enjoy!!!



Gillio Firenze Medium Compagna in black mat croco with GOLD RINGS!

Gillio parcel by Gillio Firenze

The box!!! I’d been tracking it online the whole day!!! The latest status on the GLS tracking page said (somewhere Tuesday morning) it had been taken out for delivery by the driver. Meaning: my parcel was on its way to my address! Lovely! I was at work yesterday, so I kept stalking DH about the arrival of the parcel. I prefer to ‘hide’ incoming (Filofax) parcels as I have soooo many of them ;)

Finally by the end of the afternoon, I refreshed the page and it was marked ‘delivered’. O yeah!!! I immediately texted my DH.

gift wrapping by gillio   Box stuffing by Gillio


Just a present for me!!! That’s why I also requested the gift wrapping in order to experience this to the fullest!
The box!!! Underneath the ‘dangerous goods’ ;)

Content of the box


Oh, I haven’t made pictures of the inserts and diary and all that. The inserts are similar to the Van Der Spek inserts, except for the Gillio flyleaf and page.

There’s already different Blogs that have posted about the inserts in detail, so I won’t go into that. Love the wrapping of the inserts. Sensible they’d taken it out of the binders before shipping to protect the rings during transit. I read somewhere our Steve had suggested such a thing to Gillio.

gold pen bag by gillio            inserts and diary on top of the gillio planner box


The Goldpen bag. I didn’t ask for one, so I was very pleasantly surprised it was in there.
And of course THE box with the planner. On top: the inserts

Still in the box and its bag


… And we have a lift off!!!!

“Proud to be leather” Well, I am proud to now own one!

It’s so exciting to receive all this! Such an experience to begin with. It feels like having bought an expensive designer bag or something.

Sneak peak in the bag!


Can you tell?? Sneak peaking into the dust bag..
It’s really here. . Can’t believe it.

The gillio firenze medium compagna in black


And it’s out!!! Isn’t it a dream? The leather smells just divine!

top view of the Gillio planner


Top view… There’s not much to say, is there.

Oh, you can click on the pictures too, for a larger view..  I know you want to! ;)

side view of the gillio planner


Closed up before opening.

This just gives me the major wanties! Hide your credit card, boys and girls!

embossing on the gillio medium compagna       gillio compagna logo embossing


The embossing in the leather. As well on the left hand side as on the leather flap that comes with it. Love that feature though! It brings just glamour and deluxe to the table!

The gillio firenze medium compagna in black croco


Isn’t it just just gorgeous! I’ve requested GOLD RINGS, can you tell? I tried to capture its goldness as much as possible. Really hope you can see properly.

To me, this is the highest quality binder, I’ve come across. The leather is really beyond believe. There’s no cardboard feel present, like in the Osterley for that matter. No hardness of the leather whatsoever. Oh and it would make such a good wallet too! If you like to have your planner and money in the same place, this is the way to roll!

It is floppy, like Malden floppy, but way better. In such a good way. It lays flat instantly out of the box.
You can pick silver mat or gold rings. It has the most impressive lay out in a binder I’ve seen! The leather is sophisticated and you can tell it’s craftsmanship.

Yes, the price range could be an obstacle for some, getting one, but it’s really worth every penny! I’m not kidding.

I might want to acquire new ones.. I’ve been told half October there’ll be new ones in stock. The colors that had sold out recently. Yay! I’ll try to get my hands on:

- Red croco (currently owned by Jotje)


- Beige croco
- Epoca green
- Aubergine croco

Yeah, let’s just say; and/or shall we?

left pockets in the gillio medium compagna  right pockets on the gillio planner  back of the leather flap in the gillio planner

The pockets on the left and the pockets on the right. Highly functional ones!
On the right: the back of the leather flap that comes with the Gillio Planner.

the gold rings on the gillio medium compagna!

Close up of the gold rings.. In this picture you can properly tell it’s gold. There wasn’t any misalignment with the rings. Just totally perfect condition. I’m so pleased with the black and gold combination. It’ll match my DKNY wallet ánd handbag. Both with gold hardware.

comparison of the filofax osterley versus gillio compagna


Time to move out! Bye, bye Filofax Osterley, for now.

Compared to the Osterley, the Gillio looks a bit grey, however it’s really black. Perhaps it’s due to the mat type of finish instead of glossy finish.
I so much prefer the croco print of the Gillio over the Osterley. On the Osterley it looks just so ‘painted on’. I’ve never liked that feature about the Osterley. I prefered up until now the Amazonas, however they seem so puffy compared to the Gillio.

Gillio is just the way to go, right now!

See you next time! And stay tuned for the set up and moving in post, next up!


New photos by Gillio; Medium Compagna Croco in Black

New photos by Gillio; Medium Compagna Croco in Black

going gillio medium compagna black mat croco



Hi there!

Well, in my previous post, I told you about my upcoming arrival; the Gillio Planner in mat Croco Black, Medium Compagna. As I mentioned last time, there weren’t pictures available of the black and brown, I lusted after. I chatted online with them and they suggested to send me those.

The pictures of the black Compagna came in yesterday.  I’ll also will be receiving the pictures of the brown Medium Compagna.

It was a bit of a guess whether I’d like the black Croco, but after seeing these pictures, I really think I made the right choice, because boy, don’t they look amazing?

I left the pictures unedited to give you a good impression!



224_02_D_BI_456           224_02_B_BI_456

What a beauty right?



Really divine and glamorous.

224_02_C_BI_456         224_02_E_BI_456


Can’t wait to see the brown ones too. But I’ll get a second one before you know it :)

See you at the arrival post!!!

The “G”is for Gillio…

The “G”is for Gillio…

Going GillioThe lovely Gillio planner Medium Amica in Black


Hi there!

Since I’ve missed out on the MellaMania, Gillio coupon code with a 25% discount, initially I decided to let the purchase of a Gillio planner float for a while. As that’s a very huge amount of money to spend on a binder/planner/organizer.

As I couldn’t commit to a certain size Filofax (Personal for that matter), I surely wasn’t going to spend that kind of money on a Medium sized Compagna? Or was I?

The first time I laid eyes on the Compagna was a tip of Chrissie. She told me about the Compagna in Honey, which was to her the perfect dream planner! As we all know, Chirssie owns now several Gillio planners! Lucky her!

I told you all about the ups and downs in finding the right (size) binder for me. I’v moved from Personal size, to A5, back to Personal size, to Compact, to Pocket, to Personal, to Pocket, to Compact and in the end.. back to Personal size again.. I haven’t blogged about it, but after the arrival of the Compact  Luxe, well, prior to that arrival actually I’d already moved the inserts out of the Compact Regency into the Personal Osterley in Plum. Just to see if the weight was that bad after all. In terms of heavy weight, I mean. This had always been an issue for me with the Personal size, in the past and therefore the ONLY reason I ever moved out, time and time again.

I thought of this new ‘rule’ or estimate if you will. Perhaps the content in my Personal Filofax should also fit in my Compact Regency. This way, I couldn’t possibly stuff it, to its full capacity, even though very tempting. This would allow me to bring my planner everywhere I go again and that’s just what I’ve always wanted.

So, I gave it a go. This is only a week ago or so, but I’m really loving it so far!

I just had to ‘manage’ the inserts and content. In order to stay ‘slim’ I’ve taken out the following;

  • dividers. In my Personal Regency in Brown I had loads of dividers which added a lot of bulk to the Filofax; taken out
  • A-Z index tabs; notes; I’ve also taken out these. I really like my note archiving system and having this index page in the front that categorized all my miscellaneous notes. Well, perfect idea, but again a lot of bulk! There where also a lot of spaces
  • Notes in general. I realized I didn’t need ALL the information and notes I carried with me. Therefore I just let them be in the Personal Regency but do not carry them in my main binder anymore. This works just fine! I only take the every day info and notes with me a refer to (almost) daily
  • taken out ‘clutter’; stickers, tabs, sticky notes, business cards and so on. This helps a lot!!!
  • Do not stuff every pocket with again; clutter. I used to refer to this as being my ” fun stuff”, I missed while being in a compact size binder

In stead of all this, I just added some extra note paper and diary pages, to make everything more comfortable. This doesn’t weigh as much as all the stuff mentioned above. I’m not completely done with the set up yet. Once I’m done, I’ll post about this. I’m hoping this’ll be in the Gillio by then.

I felt the inserts are a little bit more comfortable in a Personal size binder, rather than a Compact size even though it does fit. It’s just a little more roomier. Also the Personal size goes better along with side tabs. I might add some Martha Stewart tabs or Post It tabs just for my convenience.

Well, all of this made me order a Gillio Planner!!! I did so last Friday. Of course, I did some proper ‘stalking’ online on other peoples Blogs and saw all those YouTube videos. I’d been chatting with the Gillio Customer Support also, when I finally made up my mind which one to get.

I’d been lusting about the Aubergine a lot. Also the Coral one is really lovely. I believe Jotje is now the proud owner of the coral one! You can see the video on YouTube here.



Gillio Planner Medium Compagna Aubergine     front cover

coral front cover   coral opened up


Well, all those colors were already out of stock and I couldn’t wait for the new batch to arrive. As I went with a black Luxe at first and this was well thought WHY I should go with this one, I decided to go with the Black Mat Compagna! 

Funny thing; there weren’t pictures on the website. I asked them about it. They hadn’t even noticed. Today their photographer is coming in and they promised me to send me some pictures. Also of the brown, same story. At first, I couldn’t decide between brown and black both in mat.

I went with black, after seeing these!



Gillio Planner Medium Amica     Inside

For a brief moment there, I really doubted between this model the Medium Amica instead of the Medium Compagna.

Perhaps in the future, one day, I’ll own both! Not both in black though!

So, I’ll be selling some extra Filofaxes in order to already save up for the next Gillio planner! I know this sounds really bad, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

:D :D :D

See you next time!!!

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