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My Custom Color design organizer in the making; Update!

My Custom Color design organizer in the making; Update!

Van Der Spek Leather samples collageVan Der Spek samples for their custom color and design organizers



Hi there!

Last Friday I received an email from Petra from Van Der Spek organizers. I’d ordered a custom color design organizer in Pocket size! You can read all about it here and here.

Well, Petra was so kind to send me some pictures of my organizer! As this is a custom design, it’s also fabricated on demand, especially for you! When I read about it on their website, it’d gotten me totally excited!  Such a nice thing to do, at least one time! And such an unique experience, don’t you agree?

She’d sent me some pictures! The organizer is expected to somewhere next week to be ready. I’m so super excited on how it’ll turn out!!! You can’t just go online and check out some reviews on other peoples Blogs, or see a YouTube video.. so, it’s kind of a different thing to acquire!

These are the pictures she sent me!

VDS 1 custom color design Van Der Spek

These are the cut out part for the organizer. I’ve picked the fuchsia interior and the black ostrich for the exterior with matching fashion color stitching (same as the interior)

VDS 3 another view on the hand cut leather organizer process

You can already see the pockets and lay out of the binder!!

Doesn’t it look great?

She’ll also send me a complementary set of inserts to view. I’m very curious how these look, as I’ve never seen them before!

I’m very eager for it to arrive! It should be in, somewhere next week. I really like the way it’s made especially for you. This uniqueness is really a big plus! I’ve heard of Van Der Spek binders and wallets and all leather accessories before, however never used any of it.

Once it’s in, I’ll do a proper arrival post! I’m so excited to show you guys how the design turned out!

See you next time!




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