The story continues; Filofax Malden in Ochre. Personal size!

The story continues; Filofax Malden in Ochre. Personal size!


filofax mystery box what's in here


Hi there!

Well, this is the post you’ve all been waiting for after I told you about me moving out of the Pocket Ochre Malden and temporarily in the Personal Chameleon Raspberry.

Latest Post I had to end (again) with a ‘To Be Continued’. Sorry about that! Otherwise the post would’ve been way too long!

So, what happened! Well, the day the Mini Ochre Malden and the Pocket Amazona arrived a weird thing happened. My o-so-I-will-never-be-using-a-filofax-since-I-am-all-about-my-smartphone DH picked up the Ochre that came in the mail. (This actually happened already weeks ago..)

He picked it up and inspected it thoroughly. Kept looking at it. So I asked him: “Do you like that one?” He nodded. My mind started spinning rapidly. What if.. could I? So I said to him: “If you really like it, you can have it! You can also use as your wallet!”

DH: “Hmm.. it’s a little too small.. I also want to use it as a planner and to jot down some notes, maybe a To Do list..”

(Did he drink from the Filofax Cool Aid?)

DH started looking at my Pocket Ochre.

Oh no! Not THE baby… :(

Me: (picking up the Pocket Ochre) Well, if you’re really really want it and ONLY if you have the utter most intent of using it. You can have this. (Picking up the Pocket *sniff * sniff)|
DH: “Well, this is actually pretty good size. As well for the use of a planner/notebook/todo as a wallet”.
Me: (with squeecky voice) “Yes, it is..”
DH: “I’ll take it!”

I could only nod. He also wanted inserts and card holders/ envelops and what not. So I just stuffed his Pocket Malden.  MY Pocket Malden. I had to stroke it a few times before saying goodbye. (It’s sooooo soft!!!) I know it’s still in the same house!! But hey, that’s just not the same.

I just realized; I wanted that softness too! I wanted it back! And I did see an opportunity once hubby picked up my Pocket Malden!

So it got my thinking. I could do several things;

A. Order a new Pocket Malden in Ochre.
But that would just be silly, since the Pocket Ochre still runs in the family..
B. Order another size Ochre Malden.
That would make so much sense! I could order the Personal size! I always lusted after that one, however had no reason to buy it and never could justify it before. But know I could!!!

* does a happy dance*

I went online immediately to find me a Personal Ochre. I could only find it at one website; Filofax Denmark. Except from the US. I could order myself one.. IF I were to pay full RRP. Didn’t I just say to myself It would be a total no go to pay full RRP for a Filofax ever again?

Yes, I said that to myself once.

And YES I ignored it.

And YES I purchased it!!!

And here it is!

Filofax Personal size Malden in Ochre

out of the box the filofax personal malden in ochre

With its content the filofax personal malden in ochre


Of course I moved in immediately. As my husband is using his Pocket Malden also as his wallet it got me thinking. I could only ‘justify’ the up scale if I could make it more efficient. I was already using a Filofax Mini as a wallet. The Project Pocket started out when I really needed to downsize my Filofax in order to have less bulk and less weight in my handbag.

I basically thought that maybe I could pull it of by moving my wallet into my Personal size Malden. It would make total sense and I could ‘justify’ for myself (that is) the upscale and moving to back to Personal size again.


By the way the Malden in the picture is still in my possession however I received a replacement Filofax Malden Ochre from Filofax Denmark since I had some complaints about the leather as well as one of the rings that was slightly misaligned  I’d gotten really picky over the rings after reading other peoples Blog posts about Filofaxes and bad rings and things like that.

I was sent a new Filofax Malden in Ochre and loved it! The second one to arrive had perfect rings and perfect shape!
I must say that the Customer Service of Filofax Denmark (thanks Anne!) was really good! I suggested to order a new one (no charges for the delivery) and to pick the Malden I’d like to keep and send the other one back to them.

I offered this since the Malden I first received wasn’t that bad! It had a few dangs on the leather like it was already used and slight misalignment in second bottom ring. I knew this FF was very hard to come by and even though it wasn’t perfect I was willing to keep it (even at full RRP) if I either couldn’t get a replacement because it was out of stock or something or got sent another one with bigger issues.

So I decided which one to keep and emailed them I was ready to send the one back and get a refund on the postage costs.

However, I was offered to keep both!!! Two the price of one!

So, I’m willing to sell the first Malden! If you’re interested; I’m only accepting offers. Those offers have to be reasonable. I told you about the misalignment with one of the rings (second bottom ring) and the bit of ‘dangs’ on the leather. Like I said; I was willing to keep it. Even at full RRP!  It’s RRP is Euro 94,00. So please consider this if you’re putting in an offer. Pictures are available taken on the day the Malden arrived at my house.

You can read more about the Malden at  Filofax Denmark – Personal Malden.

I’ll do a full review on this Filofax  with pictures which will be listed in the Review Page on my Blog.

I have to split up again! I’m so sorry! There’s just happened so much since this purchase I wasn’t able to keep up with all the developments and post about it.

Next up: Malden Ochre as a wallet and what happened next!

See you soon! Keep reading and thanks for understanding!

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  1. It’s gorgeous. I can’t wait to hear how you’ve got it set up as a wallet. I’m trying to get my hubby to use a filofax but it’s no go.

  2. I just had a similar situation with a FF personal size malden I just received from France. As I am in the U.S. shipping also was not cheap! The rings were ok, but the leather was totally crinkled! I know it’s supposed to look aged or antiqued but was a wrinkled surface with what looks like a scar on the back! So disappointed as i anticipated the arrival of thus one more than any other. After reading your blog I will contact them. Maybe the Malden had a bad batch of leather???

    • Hi MJ,

      was it also an ochre Malden? maybe it was a bad batch indeed! I got a full refund on the postage costs.. fortunately they already suggested paying postage back. I just received a bad and scratched pocket deco prior to the Malden. it just totally put me off !

      I know what you mean with the leather looking vintage and all. but it’s not supposed to be scratched!

      FF France has also good customer service, just write them an email. I’d also taken pictures. it’s too bad FF delivers such poor quality these days. it’s again one of the many filofaxes!

      good luck! and keep me posted!

  3. I also set up my Malden purple as a wallet. To be honest I really like it! I bought a zip pouch (from PaperChase) and use this as ‘the wallet’ for paper money and coins. Works like a charm! I always have pen and paper, my list, planner and wallet in on binder with me. But I think I would like the Holborn in Wine to use as both planner and wallet!.

    • I agree with the Holborn being the perfect wallet/planner combination. I have one in wine also and just out of curiosity tried it out. However, I’m not in love with the Holborn. It’s just not me or something.Bit strange I know… I couldn’t get over the cards sticking out all the time in the Malden.. I guess that’s just me.. I also used one of those zipped pouches (mine was also holepunched) to carry coins and cash. That works!

    • HI! Yes very lucky!! I’m planning on selling/auctioning the other Malden too. It’s very lovely and soft, but I just can’t seem to find the Malden Love any longer :(