Update! My new Gillio’s; Medium Amicas

Update! My new Gillio’s; Medium Amicas


new arrival amica medium gillio in red and gold

Arrival of the Medium Gillio Amica in dark navy and red&gold




Hi there!

Yes! It’s been such a long while, since my previous post… :(

I’ve been extremely busy with kids, social life and work. Also been spending a lot of my time on the Facebook Gillio Group Page…

I figured, I should really update the Blog, or leave it be or even quit. Thought of that a lot, as it’s very time consuming to keep this Blog up and running…

Well, there’s been a lot of changes lately. Last time I told you about the Filofax Buttercup? Can’t even remember.. I’ve been also selling a lot of my Filofaxes!!! Even almost all of my Maldens! How crazy is that! Hope I won’t get sellers remorse, as there won’t be any second chances on the Maldens…

I sold;

- Grey A5 Malden (again to Crystal. She also purchased it in personal size… congrats Crystal!)
- and a lot others!

I will be also selling:

- (this is kinda hard on me) My Personal sized Malden in Ochre! (I just need the funds for  my Gillios…)
- Finsbury large wallet in black (did I even tell you about that one?)
- Pocket Malden in Ochre; up for grabs too
- Maybe…. my Grey Osterley.

I’ve gotten rid of all of my A5′s. The only one I still own is the A5 Regency. This is the ‘compact’ one as the rings are smaller and it doesn’t have a clasp. I don’t mind that at all! I was looking for a thinner A5 and I just love the Regency! It’s one of my all time favorites!

So onto the newbies :P

Gillio Amica Medium Size in Red and Gold

front of the medium gillio amica in red and gold


The red looks more pinkish here, but it’s really lovely, lipstick red. Love it! :)


inside of the gillio amica red and gold


The gold looks a bit darker on the pic, however it’s a lovely shade of gold! Love the bi color on this Amica! It’s my favorite and probably best organizer ever.

There’s a stiffener present, but it doesn’t bother me. I like my binders with a bit more structure. The Compagna (except for the croco ones), is a bit too floppy for my liking.

Yet, it’s still flexible, has a lot of give and it’s actually a little wider than the compagna’s and most personal size Filofaxes. Really, really like that! Feels like a whole lot of leather!

amica gillio opened up


Filled up!

Love using this! A real workhorse such as the Maldens. The rings are a tat wider and the binder itself (width) too.

medium amica dark navy gold rings and popper


And the dark navy Amica with gold rings and popper :)

I’m in the red/gold one for weeks now and still love it. Can’t seem to move out of that one! Not even for the Buttercup…

Also looking for the next Amica in medium. Perhaps the one in Ostrich, as I just love Ostrich, but I’m really fond of this lay out and such.. The Buttercup is just different, although it’s real Ostrich and lovely… Hmmm what to do?

I’ve recently purchased a Pocket Amica in the lovely Burgundy color with gold rings and popper.I found this beauty on the Buy as is section by Gillio. That’s an old showroom model and may have some discolorations and such. It’s reduced in price and mostly the final one they have in stock. I was already considering a pocket in burgundy (new) when this popped up on Facebook. I just couldn’t help myself. I’ll use this as my satellite planner. Just to keep my appoitments with me (using week on 2 pages Gillio inserts), some notepaper, some information.

Can’t wait! This baby will be in tomorrow!!!

Hope you enjoyed and see you next time!


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  1. hello i saw your last post about the gillio medium amica and i loved it
    since you are an expert on this things can i ask you for your help?
    i am between the amica and the compagna which one?
    how did you choose yours i mean there so many you get lost
    thank you for your time

    • Hi Anastasia,

      Why thank you!
      I’m an Amica kind of girl as the epoca compagna’s are too floppy for my liking. Also the lay out of the compagna is more of a wallet/planner combo kind of lay out. So I’d recommend any compagna if you’re planning to use it as a wallet too. I myself always carry a separate wallet. Also the zipped compartments and such aren’t my cup of thee. The full width back pocket is easy to carry stuff as stickers and so on, but I don’t want to over stuff my planner and try to stay away from that. The Amica is a dream coming true, in my case. I’d always liked secretarial pockets and there’s three of those in the Amica, which I totally use and love. The structure does have some stiffener in the cover but that’s how I like it as it’s easy to write on while on the go and such. The Amica is also a little wider (like 1,5 cm or so) and it’s pretty nice. Feels like a whole lot of binder and reminds me of the Filofax Chameleon in a way.
      Hope this helps!

      Good luck!


  2. Hi there! your Gillio’s are beautiful. So, are you not a Filofax girl at all any more? I love the Gillio’s but makes me sad to see you selling off all your Malden’s!!! Hoping you will be faithful to both. ;-) I am a Filo girl and have considered a Gillio, but so scared that once I get one I won’t look at my Filo’s the same any more.

    • Hi!!
      I’m kinda done with filofax in a way. So I guess you’re right. I do love some of them still, such as my buttercup and I’ll never sell my brown regency in a5, compact and personal size. The maldens are being sold as it is. Kinda sad indeed, but I’m much more satisfied with the overall better quality of the gillios for that matter. I’m also planning om customizing another van der spek as you’re able to pick hardware color, leather type and colors as well as part of its lay out. Love!!

      So I’ll be faithful to some of my filos and will post about them . However I don’t see myself purchasing any filos any time soon! I’m pleased with where I am today, though :)

      • That’s great and I am very happy for you. They are indeed very beautiful!!!! I look forward to seeing more about how you are using them. You may have to change your screen/blog name! Haha.

  3. I’m curious to know, how do you order these? I just stumbled upon this world of planners when doing a search for genuine leather planners… Advise me, oh wise one ;)

  4. Such a pretty Filo! Good one! Can’t wait to start filling my planner with pretty things. It’s on the way. Hope to be posting pics of my own very soon!

  5. Hi Lady Filo!
    I just found your blog and I loved it! Still trying to catch up with all the information :D
    So, about your Pocket Malden in Ochre, do you already have a price? I am looking for a small planner that also does the job of a wallet.