What I use in my Filofax; Filofax decoration

What I use in my Filofax; Filofax decoration

what i use in my filofax decorationCollection of my Filofax decoration stuff  


Hi there!

This post is all about the stuff I use to decorate my Filofax. I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately where I buy my stickers and things like that. There’s a lot of pictures included and I hope to give you a glimpse of what I like to use in my Filofax. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have one (or two :) Nice to know: I’ll be doing a Free Give Away and Competition again and it’ll be all about Kawaii! I’ve purchased some real cool stuff. One of the items I’ll be giving away one of the Kawaii sticky notes booklet. I bought an extra one of these especially for this next competition! Enjoy!



sticker storage

I purchased the plastic folder from a dutch Kawaii shop Most Cutest. I will put all the links below, for as far as I can remember them. I totally love Kawaii character Rilakkuma! In this folder I like to store all my stickers apart from the fewsheets I keep in my main Filof

kawaii diary stickers in my filofax      etsy stickers for my filofax

Japanese diary stickers I purchased from Etsy. I found it in the shop of Rikyandnina. They sell all kinds of cute stationery and paper.

kawaii stickers in my filofax     filofax stickers

More Kawaii stickers I ordered from either Most Cutest or Cuteness.nl (Dutch Kawaii shops). On the right the Filofax diary stickers compatible to fit A5 and Personal size.

Hema diary stickers for my filofax

Really like these Hema stickers (local store). They have some stationery and school supplies in store before the new year starts and I picked these up. They came with a diary/inserts for a pocket size 2013 set. Also shown in my Free Give Away #1.

paperchase stickers in my filofax

On one of my Paperchase hauls I picked up these and quite a lot of them! As delivery to The Netherlands is very expensive always order as much as possible for the moment from Paperchase. I use these to highlight events. The stars mark different events such as appointments. The dots same here. I’ll explain about them in my Osterley Tour (probably). The hearts I use mostly for countdowns in my Diary section.

paperchase and filofax sheets

It’s not really decorative but I like to mention them also. I liked the Paperchase sheets also and got the To Do lists and the note paper. I also use quite a lot the graph paper from Filofax. This is the notepad one. When in a Malden a like to carry this in the note pad slot in the back of the binder. Lately I’ve been finding the squars too big as I’d gotten used to writing in a smaller grid in my Pocket Malden. So I decided to order in some of the Succes (brand) graph note paper as its also in cotton cream as well a lot smaller grid which will save on paper no doubt.

etsy cards for my filofax

This box is also from Etsy and includes both stickers and cards. I use them in my parcels when a Filofax in my collection has been sold. Like to write something for the buyer.

magnetic bookmarks for my filofax       flags and tabs for my filofax

I am a real fan of those magnetic bookmarks and have quite a lot of them. They’re not all in the picture though. On the right flags and tabs from Post It. I mostly use the Martha Stewart ones, the small ones, but they’re not in the picture either.

paperclips for my filofax

I started to use paperclips a while ago. For some reason I was never really fond of them. Thought they were adding bulk. Lately I began using them and really liked it to separate my notes or add a section within a main section.

sticky notes for my filofax     sticky notes booklet

Sticky notes!!! Love them all!! I have sooo much sticky notes, they wouldn’t even fit in one picture. The Kawaii sticky notes on the right will also be featuring next Free Give Away. I’ll be showing you more pictures about the stuff I’ll give away on the next post.

masking sticker set         washi tape for my filofax


This masking sticker set I purchased at Etsy also and totally love it! I had ordered  a second one immediately on eBay. I just really like the pattern; it’s cute but not too cute. The washi and deco tape in the tin box on the right hand side I still use but a lot less. I like to decorate my parcel when I send out one of my sold Filofaxes… It’s such a special occasion every time that happens!


Where to buy?

In the list below you can find the link to the web shops I ordered all these items I like to use to decorate my Filofax. I will do an update once in a while or a post when I find something really cool to use in your Filos and want to share that experience with you guys.

Hope this helps do make your Filofax a bit your own and to get some ideas out of this!

Kawaii stickers and stationery
- Most Cutest
- Cuteness.nl
- Etsy
- eBay

Sheets and stickers
- Paperchase
- Hema

Tabs and Flags
- Staples
- Paperchase
- Hema

- Hema
- Local stationery shop

Magnetic Bookmarks
- Cuteness.nl
- Most Cutest
- Local stationery shop
- Hema

Sticky notes
- Paperchase
- eBay
- Martha Stewart by Avery (Staples)

Washi tape & Masking tape
- Hema
- Etsy
- eBay
- Amazon UK


Not available for international shipping?

I do believe that we have to help out each other sometimes. If you really like something as listed above for instance from Hema (tabs, magnetic bookmarks and things like that) and shipping to your country is either very expensive or not available I’m always offering to help out. I do this myself also. For instance I’ve had help from withing the Filofax community from the lovely Alice. She did a Marthy Stewart haul for me at Staples USA. And this month the lovely Helen will be picking stationery up for me at Staples UK and I bought her some Succes sheets she really liked from a dutch web shop.

So please feel free to contact me. It’s always an advantage to have a network of global Filofax users. You can always ask me in an email.


Next Up:

Stay tuned for the next Free Give Away and Competion I’m having for my Blog readers and followers. This will all be about Kawaii stationery and one of those cute sticky notes booklets. I’ll be posting this week so don’t miss out!

See you next time!

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  1. So many lovely things. I’ve just ordered some washi tape from ebay, it’ll be the first I’ve used, but this post has given me lots of other ideas for how I can pretty my filofax up, and I’ll be clicking on the links.

    • Hi Jo,

      I’m so glad to have inspired you to use some washi tape in your Filofaxes! I’m looking forward to see some pics one day on your blog!

  2. I really like the HEMA Stickers. I hope they sell them here in Germany too. If not I think it’s time again to visit the Netherlands again. Need some Stroopwafles too. :D

    • Hi Kian,

      Those stickers are diary stickers. Glad you like ‘m! Guess there out of stock at the moment,so don’t bother coming over just for those :) Maybe you can find them on Hema.nl. If you really want them I can order for you since they don’t ship outside the netherlands at this point :(

  3. I would LOVE to swap with you sometime. Please, add me to your list of “US CONTACTS FOR CUTE STUFF FOR MY FILOFAX” list. =D We don’t have a lot of local cutesy stores (other than the major office supply stores) here in Southern CA. If there are, they’re hard to find or hours away from where I live. I tend to get most of my stuff online. Anyway, I don’t need anything now but I’ll definitely keep you in mind. =)

    • Hi!
      That’s actually such a good idea! We should start a group indeed! Just to help each other out! Whether it’s about cute kawaii stuff or other stationery :)
      Maybe I should create a button for that for everyone to join this group.
      I will add you :)
      You so have to stay tuned for my upcoming Kawaii Free Give Away. I picked up so much cute stuff to give away to my blog readers as a thank you. I’ll try to post today! :)

  4. I am sorry, I forgot to comment. I live in Santa Fe, NM – if you or anyone may need something from here, please do not hesitate to contact me!!